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Tea reduces wrinkles, keeps you hydrated

Tea reduces wrinkles, keeps you hydrated
Tea reduces wrinkles, keeps you hydrated

The world's favourite invigorating beverage also has several myths attached to it. But here's what the real story is...

Tea is certainly one of the most popular morning fixes, but there are a large number of misconceptions surrounding it. For instance, it is widely believed that drinking a lot of tea would darken the skin. "Not true. Several other people and myself who are religious tea drinkers since over 10 years now are still light and fair skinned. In fact, tea is actually rich in anti-oxidants and white tea helps in reducing wrinkles so it helps the skin," says Amit Mehta, India's first tea sommelier. We also feel that fruits are a better source of antioxidants, but research at Tufts University proves that tea contains as much as ten times the amount of antioxidants than any fruit or vegetable! Mehta dispels the common wrong notions tea, so put that kettle on today!

Myth 1. White and black tea are different kinds of plants

White tea and black tea come from the same plant. They are only different by the way they are processed. Black tea goes through process such as withering, rolling, fermentation (oxidation) and drying. White tea is just young leaf buds mostly steamed and sundried. All teas come from the same tea plant 'Camellia Sinensis'. Anything that does not come from the tea plant - Camellia Sinensis - is not a tea but a herb or fruit!

Myth 2. White tea is 'healthier' than green tea

All teas are healthy. But yes, white tea is healthier since it contains more antioxidants than green or any other tea and is the least in caffeine content too.

Myth 3. Adding milk negates the health benefits of tea

Yes adding milk to tea negates the beneficial effects that tea can have on ones body. A recent report published in the European Heart Journal have shown that the cassein (milk protein) content of milk sticks to the catechin polyphenols in tea and prevents their action. Adding milk to a cup of tea can destroy its ability to protect against heart disease.

Myth 4. Tea has a higher caffeine content then coffee

A cup of tea may contain up to three times less caffeine than a cup of coffee, as per a release from the U.S. FDA. There is an impression that tea has more caffeine than coffee. It is true only as far as a grams of tea and a gram of coffee is concerned, since one drinks tea and coffee and not eat it, the per cup caffeine content of tea is far less than coffee.

Anything in excess is bad! Tea has just about enough caffeine to keep you going unless your caffeine intolerant. Hence, it's said tea alerts you but does not excite; also there are not withdrawal symptoms and jitteriness associated with coffee.

Myth 5. Drinking too much tea can leave you dehydrated

Tea is diuretic! But the diuretic effect of tea due to caffeine decreases over a period of time. Also tea contains 99% of water and provides the body with much needed liquid, which contributes in hydrating the body and makes up for your fluid intake for the day! Amongst all teas white tea is said to improve hydration levels the most.

Myth 6. Tea is harmful for the teeth

Tea is a natural source of fluoride and fluoride is known to strengthen the tooth enamel, making it more resistant to decay. It also helps to decrease the formation of acids caused by the interaction of plaque and sugar in the mouth.

Myth 7. Tea causes acidity!

Tea is alkaline in itself causing acidity is a pure myth. In fact, black tea is known to have anti-ulcer properties due to the water content in it.

Myth 8. Tea needs to be boiled for getting the right flavour

Tea is never to be boiled. Boiling it makes the tea bitter and over cooked, which can cause ulcers and acidity. Instead, tea is always to be steeped or brewed in hot water and not boiled.

Myth 9. Tea takes away sleep

This is not so. Emerging research suggests that L-theanine (an amino acid and a natural component of tea) may actually have positive effects on sleep quality.

Source: Times of India 

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