Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Children and Mother Tongue

Culture is the way of life of a people and language can be said to be a part of culture as it helps in identifying one better. With modernization and westernisation, most native languages are fast becoming extinct, as modern day parents prefer not to let their children speak their native language. They are quick to forget that a person’s own language is key, as a child will still learn the official language of any country that he is in at school, hence will have an added advantage of speaking two or more languages. Some parents frown at people speaking their native language to their children and even go to the extent of issuing out warnings to people who do so to their children.

One thing we should also bear in mind is that the westerners we often tend to emulate love learning, and learning languages is part of what they like so, we should try and emulate this great aspect from them as well. They are proud of their language and can go the extra mile to learn as many other languages as possible.
Let us as parents be more proud of our cultural heritage and teach our children the way of our people, this way, they will be more eager to learn other languages and by so doing also we wouldn’t let our language go into extinction. Think about that!

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