Monday, October 29, 2012

Don't pity me: Brave Bernie's message to fans as cancer returns

Fighter: Bernie Nolan has spoken of her cancer battle
Fighter: Bernie Nolan has spoken of her cancer battle

Bernie Nolan thanked fans yesterday after being flooded with messages of support following her heart-breaking revelations. Bernie Nolan thanked fans yesterday after being flooded with messages of support following the heart-breaking revelation that her cancer is back. But the singer insists that she does not want pity – just to get on with her life normally.

Bernie, 52, was shattered when doctors told her that her breast cancer had not only returned, but this time spread to her brain, lungs, liver and bones. They have informed her it is now incurable but still treatable. Bernie has decided to focus her energy on remaining positive, for the sake of her 13-year-old daughter Erin and husband Steve Doneathy. Yesterday, as she was bombarded with thousands of Tweets from well-wishers, Bernie said: “I’d like to thank everyone for their goodwill. I’m thrilled by the messages of support and it means such a lot to me. But I don’t want any sympathy at all. If I catch anyone giving me a sympathetic look, I’ll be tempted to knock them out!”

She revealed her new fight against cancer in the Sunday Mirror. She said: “I refuse to sit around like I’ve got a death sentence, I’m going to fight this for ever. It can get stuffed. I’ve got to keep living and having fun and working. I’m not going to sit back and let it get me.” And fans quickly sent the singer messages of support. One wrote: “Keep fighting Bernie Nolan. We all love you.” Another said: “I can’t think what to say about Bernie Nolan, just that I love you loads and you don’t deserve this but you will fight it and stay strong.”

Bernie’s sister, Mirror columnist Coleen, tweeted: “Thank you everyone for your kind messages about Bernie. She’s doing amazing and as usual I am in awe of her.” One fan saluted Bernie’s brave decision to tell the cancer to “get stuffed”, and wrote: “Fear is never far away but positive thinking is the best mental defence.” Another added: “What an amazing woman Bernie Nolan is. Yeah we all have our problems but this puts things into perspective. Keep fighting, Bernie.”

Bernie’s diagnosis came earlier in the summer but she decided to keep the news to herself as she came to terms with it. The drugs have proved effective, with the cancer gone from her brain. Bernie appears tonight in Chicago, in Crawley, West Sussex. She will continue the tour until December, when she starts in panto in Eastbourne. But she and her sisters have postponed a planned Nolans’ Farewell Tour to have some family time together.

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