Saturday, January 5, 2013

Barefoot running, the new fitness fad

Barefoot running, the new fitness fad
Barefoot running, the latest fitness fad (Thinkstock photos/Getty Images)

It's the latest fad with that has caught attention for its health benefits. The well-shod runners are getting competition from minimal footwear runners. If you are curious about barefoot running, these tips will guide you through a safe transition. Well-known shoe expert Tobie Hatfield gives us the scoop why barefoot is so popular in the West.

1. The natural motion of barefoot training helps in strengthening feet and increase flexibility

2. The idea is to take notice of one's feet in the similar way one does for other parts of the body.

3. One feels the sensory nerves. And because there is minimal impact forces on landing, it can be very comfortable provided you develop calluses on your feet.

4. Running barefoot also means that less energy is spent and has been shown to use about 5% less energy than shod running

5. A strong foot, is less likely to develop a collapsed arch

6. One must build up slowly by practicing walking around barefoot frequently. Walk a quarter mile to one mile every other day.

Source: Times of India

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